Natale con Viola

Finalmente il 17 dicembre è nata Viola! Il Natale con lei è speciale, il mio regalo per questa prima settimana di vita è una poesia…e tanti auguri a tutti

Fai correre perle di sole
fra le tue labbra
Riempi di arancia
rossa rossa
le ore del tramonto
Sfiora con dita curiose
da grillo
le parole nuove e le gocce
sui vetri
Corri, come un pensiero
dall’altra parte del mondo.
E sorridi!

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  • Loli

    Krista,Those muffin tin meals rlleay are brilliant. I just need to buy another muffin tin so each of the kid can have one . I agree that parents decided very early what kids like without giving enough chances. Haaa it must be the part latino blood in my kids, because they could live off of beans. My kids will eat all fruits, but we do struggle with some veggies more. Okay I rlleay am going to do the muffin tin meals. My kids would totally dig that.Shannon,Regarding throwing food it is totally normal. I wouldn't stress about it too much. In fact, I think that one of the biggest things we can do is to make meal time enjoyable. If they can sense that you are stressed, it makes them want to eat even less. I think it would be awesome if we all shared kid friendly recipes!! Your sweet potato pancakes sound great. You could sneak a lot of things into a pancake!!Annalise,The tons of different meals going on can get complicated and exhausting. I bet that you and Rychen can come to a middle ground on how to eat almost the same things. Maybe he could eat what you all eat for dinner and then eat a little extra after the kids go to bed? Or you could plan the menu each week together so that there are foods that hopefully the whole family will like.Adrienne,Kids are so smart and there is definitely no way that Denver can hide his pickiness from them. You gave some great suggestions. I like the idea of not putting emotion behind food. I definitely can be an emotional eater. Also, thinking about nutrition on a weekly scale instead of daily is another great suggestion!!

  • Miriam

    >Ciao nipote cara :)
    Vacanze finite, eccomi di ritorno. Grazie per le belle parole, Viola dorme ma più tardi riferisco tutto.
    Buon proseguimento d'anno nuovo, e spero di vederti presto.

  • mattgonzo0232

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  • Giorgia

    >Ciao Zia Miriam...e ciao piccola cui nome è già serenità..
    Il tuo primo Natale con mamma e papà è trascorso...e sarà il primo di una lunghissima serie...
    Vi auguro e ti auguro un Buon 2006, perchè la vita alla quale ti sei appena affacciata faccia di te una bimba e poi una donna piena d'amore e di gioia da poter donare indistintamente a chiunque e senza alcuna riserva...

    Un bacio piccola Viola ed un bacio a te amica mia..


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